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This article provides an overview of the two different types of web services – synchronous and asynchronous web services. Asynchronous web services are more flexible than synchronous web services. The reason for this is that asynchronous web services are considered to be asynchronous only in the sense that the servers do not have to wait for the user input to respond. However, while the client is attempting to send an asynchronous request to the server, it is possible for the server to process the request as soon as the client sends it. With synchronous web services, the server must perform all the processing before the user sends the request, which makes the service slower, because the server must be ready for the user’s request right away.

Both synchronous and asynchronous web services can be used in an ASP.NET MVC web application or in any other type of web application. ASP.NET MVC provides an ASP.NET API for accessing these types of services.

  • Both types of services have the same interface.
  • The services are created by using the Web API and the services can be accessed through the Web API.
  • Both types of services are extremely similar in terms of design, although they support slightly different deployment.

They both implement the ASP.NET Web API for the creation of asynchronous services and the asynchronous methods.

The asynchronous web services offer a certain degree of flexibility and speed compared to the synchronous web services. The applications typically require less code because there is less processing required. However, this has the drawback of the slower start-up times of the application, because the asynchronous application needs to be started up before the synchronous service can. Synchronous web services tend to be used in more complex applications and those which use the services are usually able to perform a higher level of access to the database than the asynchronous web services. Both types of services are very beneficial and enable a better user experience.